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Helius RC
CC-Race | Marathon-Race | Tour

Travel 120 / 140 mm

Weight 2,3 kg (Size M, black anodised, excl. shock)

2099 €*

Image shows: Helius RC

Size: M
Colour: titan anodised
Weight: 2,5 kg
Rear suspension: DT Swiss XR Carbon - 163 g
2650 € *

Warranty: 5 years
*prices valid for Germany only, incl. 19% VAT
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The Helius RC is our lightest full suspension frame and it's a serious machine for racers, endurance riders, and mountain goats! Depending on the setup the RC can be run with 84 mm of firm travel for XC racing or with 100 mm to give more compliance and comfort for marathons, mountains and epic cross-country tours. The secret of the Helius' featherweight lies in the details: hollow-milled bearing housings at the seat stays, ceramic coated aluminium bearing axles, aluminium/titanium bolts and lightweight tapered tubing. However, we've only cut weight from where it would not impact on either the stiffness or the durability. Despite its lightweight construction, the Helius RC provides direct and powerful acceleration, stable handling, and enough travel to give you a safety margin on even the roughest descents. The Helius RC is the perfect balance of lightweight design, efficiency and stiffness.


[Helius RC Linkage Characteristics]

[Helius RC Linkage Ratio]

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PDF Rohloff OEM Ausfallenden Anl. 32-rohloff_ss_do_09_4.pdf
PDF Horstlink De-/Montage Abb. 11-fig_horstlink_09_6.pdf
PDF Horstlink De-/Montage Anl. 12-horstlink_09_4.pdf
PDF RADO De-/Montage Abb. 17-fig_rado_09_4.pdf
PDF RADO De-/Montage Anl. 18-rado_09_6.pdf
PDF Schwinge De-/Montage Abb. 20-fig_schwinge_swingarm_09_7.pdf
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PDF Lagerachse 15/12 Anl. 23-lagerachse1512_pivotaxis1512_09_7.pdf
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PDF Nadel- Gleitlager Montage Abb. 15-fig_nadelgleitlager_needlebushbearing_09_7.pdf
PDF Gleitlager mit Bund De-/Montage Anl. 22-gleitlagerbund_collarbearing_09_7.pdf
PDF Lagervorspanneinheit De-/Montage Anl. 14-lagervorspanneinheit_bearingpreloaddevice_09_7.pdf
PDF Lagervorspanneinheit De-/Montage Abb. 13-fig_lagervorspanneinheit_bearingpreloaddevice_09_7.pdf
PDF Steckachsnabe Anl. 40-steckachsnaben_rearthruaxle_09_5.pdf
PDF Dämpfer De-/Montage Anl. 09-daempfermontage_shockinstallation_09_7.pdf
PDF Dämpfer Einstellungen Anl. 10-daempfereinstellungen_shockadjustments_09_7.pdf
PDF Federwegseinstellung 08-federwegseinstellung_traveladjustments_09_2_.pdf
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